a media literacy initiative by CHINH India
in collaboration with National Museum of Natural History
26th – 28th July 2010


3rd day opened with screening of 6 of the films made by the children during the workshop. Among 6 films, three were ready with the visuals for reflection of the students. These were Anant, Tigers & Centipede. The remaining three films were played with the ready audio tracks which were about song on biodiversity, a small social spot and a poem.

The films opened to an excited response from the audience, who were amazed by what they had created. Geared by what they had created, the children were encouraged to think visually on the same so that the films could move towards completion.

The children from MVN Faridabad, SVISG, Nirmal Bhartiya planned to shoot a music video for one of the audio tracks. All the children were visible excited at the idea of choreographing the movements for their own music video. Within an hour, the open spaces of the museum were buzzing with children shooting their song. The other two groups of children from Tagore International continued their efforts towards film making and shot across the auditorium in vide and photographs.

During the workshop, a group of two children Yogesh & Sanjay from American Foundation completed and presented their film to criticism of their co participants. The children were honest about their opinions and asked them to slow down their film. While many children tried their hand at post production, some students explored the medium of animation through flash to create visuals for his films. Bhuvan from Tagore International East of kailash created animation cycles for the film.

At the end of the workshop, Dr. B. Venugopal joined the children for the final screening of the films made by them. This was followed by a concluding speech by him in which he appreciated how the children documented their own workshop. He considered it to be a good practice as every time one documents something, they create history.
He also appreciated utilisation of the audio visual medium to instil sensitivity among the children towards biodiversity & environmental conservation. A film using abstract visuals by Shruti from SVISG got a special mention in his address. He felt that NHNM needs to be exposed more to such art forms to create messages around biodiversity.
Children were invited on stage by CHINH to receive their group photograph mementoes from Dr. B. Venugopal.

The workshop ended on a positive note with a visionary plan by CHINH and National Museum to organise such workshops in regional centres of NHNM and conclude with a film festival on Biodiversity marking the celebration of International Year of Biodiversity. Children were visibly excited at the idea of getting their films included in the film festival.


a media literacy initiative by CHINH India
in collaboration with National Museum of Natural History
26th – 28th July 2010


2nd day of the CHINH – Growing Up with Biodiversity’ film-making workshop saw children & the filmmakers continuing the momentum of the first day.

The second day opened with a film appreciation session where children saw and analyzed their footage from the day one of the workshop. This process not only helped children to reflect/introspect and retrospect their work but also inspired them to think about their concepts in visual language.

Quick to pick up the suggestions made by the experts and their fellow student critics, Saloni from Tagore International School, East of Kailash eagerly said, ‘Though earlier I did not want to shoot my film again, I want to do so now so that I make a good film.’

Children then started a hectic day of shooting, sound recording, singing, scripting, writing lyrics, video recording etc. Groups took their turns to explore museum from their own perspectives and came back with images that would suit their concepts dealing with different themes of biodiversity.

While Shruti & Ayushi discovered various traditions and customs causing near extinction of the Hornbill with modelling expert Tandon uncle ( as children lovingly addressed him), a group of excited young children expressed their shock when they explored the exhibit on endangered species of animal.

Riya from Sadhu Vaswani School & Nitya from Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar both commented, that they always heard about animals being killed, but they never realised that their numbers are so few. For them it was shocking.

On technical front, children learned the aspects of voice recording right from audition for choosing the right voice, working to achieve right modulation and finally recording voice for the script.

The children have moved ahead with their film and would be concluding them on the 3rd day of the workshop. On the third day, children would finally move towards post production of their films.


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a media literacy initiative by CHINH India
in collaboration with National Museum of Natural History
26th – 28th July 2010

CHINH India in collaboration with National Museum of Natural History has initiated a film making workshop for children in Delhi and NCR to celebrate International year of Biodiversity with children. The workshop invited 40 participants from 9 schools from the age group of 10 – 15 years. The films made by them would be webcast on Chinh Web Channel and would be screened in schools and film festivals across the world.

This workshop is a part of an innovative media literacy initiative -GROWING UP WITH BIODIVERSITY to explore the theme of ‘Biodiversity’ from children’s perspectives. Children would come up with their own scripts and then make video films or photo documentaries on them.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. B. Dr. B. Venugopal, Director, National Museum of Natural History, New Delhi. Addressing children at National Museum of Natural history, he introduced them to the theme – Biodiversity and the necessity to conserve it. The introduction provided necessary fuel to the imagination of the children who then split into groups and came up with the topics for the film. This was followed by a strong session of constructive criticism where children analyzed their ideas under the guidance of the National award winning film and culture activists couple Meenakshi Vinay Rai

Children were asked to create their own reference bank by writing a collage of the words that come to their minds when they think of biodiversity. Soon regrouping of the words under different themes was done and children effortlessly arrived at their concepts.

Students of SVISG started with recording ‘I am biodiversity’ in diverse languages. Master Anant from Amity International School, Mayur Vihar was busy sharing his experience on camera with Ms. Saloni from Tagore International East of Kailash about his passion for wildlife photography and how he learnt to respect biodiversity through his hobby.

A group of 6 students from MVN Faridabad is motivated to produce an advertisement on saving the earth. They are even ready with a script for the same.

The second day promises to be hectic for the children and the film makers as they strive together to create the visions thought by the participants.

CHINH CHILDREN are invited to be a part of international children
jury in 20th Cairo International Film Festival for Children,
4th-11th March 2010

SHRUTI Sadhu Vasvani International School for Girls
DIVYA Nirmal Bhartiya School
ADVAYA Tagore International School
MIHEEK Tagore International School
DAVID Nirmal Bhartiya School, CHINH Denmark
CECILIE Nirmal Bhartiya School, CHINH Denmark


Ley Ley – Parvis Valavioun (Germany)
Samarion is 6 years old and lives with her mother. On a sunny day her mother sends Samarion to the bakery. On the way she plays a children’s game Ley Ley (painted boxes hop and jump)! While coming back from buying, she meets Heinz (an old homeless person),who is hungry & begs for a donation! Samarion gives him not only bread but grapes and an apple! (11 min. 40 seconds)

Schafmatt – Albert Radl (Germany)
Once, there was a sheep who ate the whole day. But what happens if it won’t have had enough and never gets full. It continues eating….
This is a metaphorical story about sheep eating and destroying its environment. (3 minutes 36 seconds)

La Quela – Liz Lobato (Spain)
Set in Spain, 1920, in a village of La Mancha; a little girl called La Quela sees a cardboard Doll for the first time & wants it badly. Her family can’t possible afford it. One day her little friend & neighbour come running to show her a brand new cardboard doll which her parents brought her. (11 minutes 10 seconds)

Brave Munni – Praveen Singh Rathore (India)
This is the story of a school going orphan girl who lives with her grandmother. The film deals with her everyday life, her fears of spirits & ghosts which are planted in her. The film shows how she overcomes them and gains confidence. (7 minutes 43 seconds)

Stark Hear Me Out – Gerog Bussek (Germany)
(from Emotions Pictures Greece Package)
Kevin Piwonka is thirteen years of age. Kevin likes talking and if you let him talk – he talks a lot. But again and again he gets interrupted and he can’t finish what he wants to say because Kevin stutters. (15 minutes)

Basket Bronx – Martin Rosette ( Spain)
“Alex is an African-American kid from the Bronx who dreams of playing basketball. However, the gang of older guys in the neighborhood reminds him that he cannot. One day Kiat, a Chinese girl, appears and using some Zen philosophy teaches him to overcome his fears, to enjoy life as much as possible and to stop worrying about his results.”(14 minutes)

Jungle Gang – Krishnendu Bose(India)
Film aims to expose children to diverse wild flora & fauna of India. (16 minutes)

APAK(Barefoot)Rommel Tolentino(Philippines)
A boy with no slippers dreams of playing a game of ‘hit-the-can’. (6 minutes)

Abdullah’s Story – Raheel Waqar (Pakistan)
This film is a story about a young boy, Abdullah who’s blind by birth & isolated by the family. Abdullah however has special abilities – Strong power of retention & sensation. One day Abdullah’s brother gets ill & no one’s at home besides his mother. The setting of the film is in areas with rough mountainous terrains & mothers don’t leave their homes. (10 minutes)

A little step – Sunil Kalmady & Pushparaj (India)
It’s a simple story of three friends who help a poor laborer child to join their school. The film has been shot using handheld digital photo camera, using stop motion animation technique. (18 minutes)

Lea – Fanny Berthiaume (Canada)
“Lea awakes to the sounds of children playing on a beautiful sunny morning. But as she reaches out of bed and towards the window, a bitter reminder strikes her. Luckily she can still find a friend within the confines of her room…” (2 minutes 54 seconds)

Rohan’s Moustache – Chinh Children Lucknow (India)
Expressions – Chinh Rural WebJournalists (India)
Mangyan – ANAK TV & Plan Philippines (Philippines)
Nachiketa – Chinh child Delhi (India)

chinh children voice

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Chinh Children Advisory Council
Chirag(13), Shruti(10), Nikhar(11), Galaxy(11)
International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Celebration

1st March 2009
Webcast of films made by children
from Chinh Web Studio

2nd March 2009
12:00 to 05:00pm

Chinh Children Voice
in collaboration with Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti
Launches “Sach Ka Homework” at
Gandhi Smriti, 5, Tees January Marg, New Delhi-110011
Sakshi Gulati 9818585131

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