CHINH Media Awards celebrated after completion of Activity Session 2013-14

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Chinh Children

SVISG Junior Media Club students Sadhvi and Nandini with a student team volunteers concieved and organised CHINH Media Awards. The event was solely conceptualized, planned and organised by students on their own. The documentation of the event, presentation and nomination of the awards in different categories of activities like I-pad animation, Best background music artists, Cell Animation, Computer Animation, Best Animator, Best PPT presentation of film ideas and concepts, Best Support Team, Best colouring artist, Best scanning artist, Multi-talent award was all listed and finalized by student committees. The event was a great success as it was planned within the activity period and brought cheers and smiles at faces of young budding film makers and animators. Bhavya Hingorani and Mitanshi were incharge of video and still documentation of the event. The students also watched the film made by them based on curriculum “We Saved the Whale” – An Indo Srilankan production. This film production’s idea was conceived by Ms. Meenakshi Mazumdar, junior media club CHINH coordinator for SVISG.
Media Awards 01 jpg

Media Awards 1 copy

Media Awards2

Media Awards3

Media Awards4

Media Awards5

Media Awards6

Media Awards7

Media Awards8

Media Awards9

Media Awards9a

Media Awards9b

Media Awards9c

Media Awards9d

Media Awards9e

Media Awards9f

Media Awards9g

Media Awards9h

Media Awards9i

Media Awards9j

Media Awards9k

Media Awards9l

Media Awards9m

Media Awards9p

Media Awards9q

Media Awards9r

Media Awards9s

Media Awards9t

Media Awards9u

Media Awards9v

Media Awards9w

Media Awards91

Media Awards92

Media Awards93

Media Awards94

Media Awards95

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