Growing Up with Biodiversity III

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Chinh Children

a media literacy initiative by CHINH India
in collaboration with National Museum of Natural History
26th – 28th July 2010


3rd day opened with screening of 6 of the films made by the children during the workshop. Among 6 films, three were ready with the visuals for reflection of the students. These were Anant, Tigers & Centipede. The remaining three films were played with the ready audio tracks which were about song on biodiversity, a small social spot and a poem.

The films opened to an excited response from the audience, who were amazed by what they had created. Geared by what they had created, the children were encouraged to think visually on the same so that the films could move towards completion.

The children from MVN Faridabad, SVISG, Nirmal Bhartiya planned to shoot a music video for one of the audio tracks. All the children were visible excited at the idea of choreographing the movements for their own music video. Within an hour, the open spaces of the museum were buzzing with children shooting their song. The other two groups of children from Tagore International continued their efforts towards film making and shot across the auditorium in vide and photographs.

During the workshop, a group of two children Yogesh & Sanjay from American Foundation completed and presented their film to criticism of their co participants. The children were honest about their opinions and asked them to slow down their film. While many children tried their hand at post production, some students explored the medium of animation through flash to create visuals for his films. Bhuvan from Tagore International East of kailash created animation cycles for the film.

At the end of the workshop, Dr. B. Venugopal joined the children for the final screening of the films made by them. This was followed by a concluding speech by him in which he appreciated how the children documented their own workshop. He considered it to be a good practice as every time one documents something, they create history.
He also appreciated utilisation of the audio visual medium to instil sensitivity among the children towards biodiversity & environmental conservation. A film using abstract visuals by Shruti from SVISG got a special mention in his address. He felt that NHNM needs to be exposed more to such art forms to create messages around biodiversity.
Children were invited on stage by CHINH to receive their group photograph mementoes from Dr. B. Venugopal.

The workshop ended on a positive note with a visionary plan by CHINH and National Museum to organise such workshops in regional centres of NHNM and conclude with a film festival on Biodiversity marking the celebration of International Year of Biodiversity. Children were visibly excited at the idea of getting their films included in the film festival.

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