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a media literacy initiative by CHINH India
in collaboration with National Museum of Natural History
26th – 28th July 2010

CHINH India in collaboration with National Museum of Natural History has initiated a film making workshop for children in Delhi and NCR to celebrate International year of Biodiversity with children. The workshop invited 40 participants from 9 schools from the age group of 10 – 15 years. The films made by them would be webcast on Chinh Web Channel and would be screened in schools and film festivals across the world.

This workshop is a part of an innovative media literacy initiative -GROWING UP WITH BIODIVERSITY to explore the theme of ‘Biodiversity’ from children’s perspectives. Children would come up with their own scripts and then make video films or photo documentaries on them.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. B. Dr. B. Venugopal, Director, National Museum of Natural History, New Delhi. Addressing children at National Museum of Natural history, he introduced them to the theme – Biodiversity and the necessity to conserve it. The introduction provided necessary fuel to the imagination of the children who then split into groups and came up with the topics for the film. This was followed by a strong session of constructive criticism where children analyzed their ideas under the guidance of the National award winning film and culture activists couple Meenakshi Vinay Rai

Children were asked to create their own reference bank by writing a collage of the words that come to their minds when they think of biodiversity. Soon regrouping of the words under different themes was done and children effortlessly arrived at their concepts.

Students of SVISG started with recording ‘I am biodiversity’ in diverse languages. Master Anant from Amity International School, Mayur Vihar was busy sharing his experience on camera with Ms. Saloni from Tagore International East of Kailash about his passion for wildlife photography and how he learnt to respect biodiversity through his hobby.

A group of 6 students from MVN Faridabad is motivated to produce an advertisement on saving the earth. They are even ready with a script for the same.

The second day promises to be hectic for the children and the film makers as they strive together to create the visions thought by the participants.


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